API Docs for: 1.0.0

xeogl Module

The xeogl namespace.

This module is a rollup of the following modules:

  • animation
    Components for animating state within Scenes.
  • annotations
    Components for annotating entities.
  • boundaries
    Components to support spatial queries (eg. collisions etc).
  • camera
    Camera components.
  • canvas
    Canvas-related things.
  • clipping
    Components for cross-section views of Entities.
  • configs
    Components for managing Scene configuration.
  • controls
    Components for controlling things with user input.
  • curves
    Components for defining 3D curves.
  • effects
    Components for viewing effects.
  • emphasis
    Emphasis effect components.
  • entities
    Shows the shape and control points of {{#crossLink "SplineCurve"}}{{/crossLink}}
  • generation
    Components for generating xeogl content.
  • geometry
    Components for defining geometry.
  • helpers
    Components to help visualise other components.
  • input
    Components for capturing user input.
  • interaction
    A **CameraController** is the base class for components that control Cameras.
  • lighting
    Components for defining light sources.
  • marking
    Components for drawing marks on entities.
  • materials
    Components to define the surface appearance of Entities.
  • math
    Math utilities.
  • models
    Models are units of xeogl content.
  • outline
    An outline rendering effect for emphasis.
  • rendering
    Components that influence the way entities are rendered with WebGL.
  • skyboxes
    Skybox components.
  • stories
    UI presentation components.
  • transforms
    Modelling transform components.
  • zspace
    Components for zSpace integration